Hand made

Welcome to the world of Super Skull NFT. We've created a collection full of colors, textures, and shapes, bringing to life 5,500 NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Super Skull NFT has more than 290 different properties formed in multiple and variable levels of peculiarity, this collection is designed 100% by hand for 4 months, taking up to 18 hours of hard and dedicated daily work. More than 40 collections were created and every detail was corrected until the best possible result was obtained. We want you to take this collection as your own, that's why we established only 4% Royalty and we will launch each of our NFTs at only 0.025 ETH so that our investors obtain the best and highest benefits and grow together with Super Skull.

Collection Super Skull

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Why Hold Super Skull NFTs?

- 20% of the incomes will be use to the growth and develop of our community.

- Monthly giveaways of weekens in beach hotels all inclusive for all the owners of 2 or more super skull (Miami, Cacún, Ibiza o Tailandia, depending of the winner’s location).

- Free next new collection airdrops to the owners of 2 or more super skull

- Only 4% Royalty